Track & Field Equipment

An Entertainment Experience

While a stadium is typically home to a football team, many other sporting events can be held there as well. To get a real crowd formed in a stadium, holding a track and field event gets many athletes and sports involved. But there isn’t necessarily a way to run the track or throw a javelin without the proper equipment. Using Borgman Athletics to install or maintain your track and field equipment will allow you to run circles around the other teams.

As track and field tends to cover many sporting events, Borgman is able to help you with all the different niches within the events. We can install and inspect elements and equipment such as hurdles, starting blocks, discus cages, high jump and pole vault bars, landing system mats, jumping boards, netting, and a variety of other equipment. If you need something unique for your venue, chances are we’ve already done it!

Based on the size of the stadium your team has, Borgman can help you determine what type of track and other equipment is suitable for your needs. We can assure you that all safety rules are taken very seriously during construction. Our employees are OSHA certified and attend monthly briefings. The services we offer for track and field equipment include: cable replacement, installation, inspections, and maintenance.

If you have any more questions about the services we offer, please CONTACT US. We ensure job sites are left clean every time. As always, Borgman Athletics offers inspections, general repairs, preventative safety measures and visual safety inspections as a part of our services.