Bleacher Rail Installation

Installation, Inspection and Replacement

Throughout the school year, gymnasiums, football fields, soccer fields and other sports complexes host multitudes of people. Not only ensuring these people have somewhere to sit and view a game is important, but so is the safety of the people using bleachers. That’s why Borgman Athletics makes bleacher rail installation, inspection and replacement a top priority.

In the past year, we have seen in the news various cases of bleachers collapsing. It is crucial that your bleachers or stadium seats are up to all applicable codes every year for the safety of workers and spectators alike (Borgman can help you identify these codes). That’s why we offer inspection and maintenance to all aspects of bleachers.

The maintenance and inspections we provide focus on safety, your equipment being up to code and reducing risks and liabilities. We can also assist you in making your sports facility up-to-date with all ADA requirements.

Not maintaining a bleacher railing can also be dangerous to spectators. If your facility’s bleacher railings were installed before 1996, it’s time to get them replaced — they don’t meet current safety regulations according to the IBC (We can help you identify all regulations). Borgman can bring your bleacher rails into the 21st century to meet all applicable code requirements and keep spectators safe.

On all varieties of bleachers, we offer rail installations, inspections and replacement. Our other bleacher services we provide include: new construction (installation), indoor bleacher inspections and maintenance and bleacher power automation. With a combined experience of 80 years at Borgman, you’ll not only receive work done safely, you’ll receive the highest quality of work done too.

Need more information about the bleacher rail installation, inspection and replacement services we offer? Please view our GALLERY or CONTACT US for more info. As always, we offer inspections, general repairs, preventative maintenance safety inspections and visual safety inspections as a part of our services.