Divider Curtains

Making Multiple Sports Happen

Gymnasiums have become synonymous with basketball. But on any given day, many sports and groups can be in need of a gym — or part of one. Volleyball, gymnastics or even the school may need some floor space all at the same time. Multi-purpose rooms may have a part that functions as a gymnasium every day. That’s where divider curtains come in. Using a divider curtain makes multiple sports happen all at once. But you can’t be playing multiple sports without help from Borgman Athletics.

Whether it is dividing boys from girls or one sport from another, divider curtains provide a convenient way to divvy up the area and to create visual barriers. These curtains can, for instance, prevent someone engaged in another activity from getting hit in the head with a rogue basketball. Not only do these curtains prevent other athletes from getting injured, spectators can watch and enjoy an event safely from the sidelines, without interference from another sport. Since there are a wide variety of types and styles of divider curtains, it is best to know the size and shape of your facility to determine what kind of curtain you need installed. Borgman Athletics has installed roll-up, fold-up, ridge-fold, walk-draw and top-fold gymnasium divider curtains.

Depending on whether you need a curtain for a gym, rec center or other establishment, Borgman can aid you in identifying what material of curtains and what type of curtain are best for your own needs. The services Borgman offers for divider curtains include: installation, inspection and maintenance.

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with quality work that exceeds all safety requirements, as well as their expectations. Need more information about installing divider curtains and the other services we offer?

Feel free to CONTACT US with your questions or take a look at our GALLERY. As always, Borgman Athletics can provide detailed inspections, general repairs, preventative safety measures and visual safety inspections as parts of our service.