Boden Gym Equipment

When it comes to the Installation, Maintenance and Inspections of Athletic Equipment, BODEN GYM EQUIPMENT is a well-known, trusted name in Northern Ohio and surrounding areas. Boden Gym Equipment has a long, deep history with a family tradition of fair pricing, hard work, and dedication to their customers. For 3 decades, Boden Gym Equipment specialized in overhead athletic equipment such as basketball backstops, divider curtains, batting cages, wrestling mat hoists, scoreboards, etc. Odds are if you had an athletic facility built in the last 30 years in Northern Ohio, Boden Gym Equipment was involved. Borgman Athletics Group realized the exceptional relationships that Boden Gym Equipment had with its customers and in 2012, Borgman Athletics Group welcomed them into our family.

To this day, Borgman Athletics Group continues to serve customers with the same fair pricing, hard work, and dedication that Boden Gym Equipment did for decades.

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