Bleacher Power Automation

An Ideal Solution

Watching the game in comfort is an integral part of the entertainment experience for fans. However, operating bleachers manually can be a time-consuming pain for staff. Borgman Athletics has got your back(side) – literally! — when it comes to operating bleachers.

Being able to seat everyone for a sporting event is great, but what about when you need to put those bleachers away? Upgrading your bleachers to an automated system is a cinch with Borgman. Such a system is an ideal solution when bleachers need to be stacked for other activities to use a gymnasium. An automated system will not only cut time in half, it will also reduce the risk of injury to staffers.

Depending on what type of bleachers you have, they can be combined by sections and operated as full banks or as individual sections when you choose to upgrade to a bleacher automation system. The knowledge our employees have in installation and maintenance of automation systems provides for a safe work environment — which is exactly what you want when operating such a system.

The services Borgman offers for bleachers and bleacher automation include: indoor and outdoor bleacher inspections and maintenance, and, bleacher power automation. Upgrading to bleacher power automation with Borgman in charge can save your backside.

If you want to know more about bleacher automation, or the other services we offer for bleachers, please view our GALLERY or CONTACT US if you are in need of more information. As always, we offer inspections, general repairs, preventative maintenance safety inspections and visual safety inspections as a part of our services.