Tennis Court Products


Athletic centers, college, universities, community centers, and private athletic clubs across the country rely on Covermaster® Tennis Court covers, windscreens, and accessories to protect their courts from unfavorable weather and exposure.

All Covermaster® court covers are made with durable, UV resistant, and heat repellant material that is also lightweight and easy to maneuver. Get your court covered or uncovered in a matter of minutes with the well-designed court covers by Covermaster®.

Novice and professional players alike will appreciate the reduced wind exposure and the increased privacy when you install Covermaster® windscreens on your tennis court fences.

More than four decades of excellent customer service and delivery of quality products has made Covermaster® a trusted manufacturer. We carry a variety of products to safeguard your courts and to keep players out of the wind, including:

    • Tennis court covers
    • Windscreens

Contact us and ask us about customizing your tennis court covers and windscreens to work perfectly for your facility, university, or private court. You can count on our team to help you find the right Covermaster® products for your court and your budget.