An Entertainment Experience

Watching the game in comfort is an integral part of the entertainment experience for fans. But how are you going to watch a game without somewhere to sit? Borgman Athletics has got your back(side) – literally! – when it comes to seating.

When you are in need of bleachers or stadium seats to seat the largest number of people, Borgman employees have extensive experience with both – and more. We have installed and maintained bleachers and stadium seats at countless high schools, universities and professional sports venues.

Not entirely sure what type of bleachers or stadium seats you need? Borgman employees can draw on their knowledge and expertise to help you decide. We have familiarity with frame-type, steel I-beams, and telescoping bleachers as well as stadium seats. We can also help you with preventative maintenance safety inspections with previously installed bleachers or stadium seats. The knowledge our employees have in installation and maintenance provides for a safe and clean work environment – and results!

The services we offer for bleachers and stadium seats include: new construction (installation), indoor bleacher inspections and maintenance, bleacher power automation, and bleacher rail installation, inspection and replacement. Having bleachers installed and maintained with Borgman Athletics won’t leave you bleached.

If you want to know more about the services we offer with bleachers and stadium seats, please view our GALLERY or CONTACT US if you are in need of more information. As always, we offer inspections, general repairs, preventative maintenance safety inspections and visual safety inspections as part of our services.