Gym Floor Covers

Protecting Your Gym Floors

When people think of sports equipment, they may typically think of the appropriate ball, safety gear, netting, proper shoes, goals or goal posts, scoreboards, or bleachers. However, numerous indoor sports all tend to take place in the same location, the gymnasium. But when the day is done and the game has been won, most facilities typically don’t like to leave the gym floor uncovered if another event is going to take place in the gymnasium.

Whether it’s an art show, a school dance, a graduation, or another event not related to sports, protecting the place where sports happen requires durable gym floor covers. For the best range in level of protection and a gym floor cover that is completely customizable to be either the utmost discreet or bright and bold, Borgman Athletics offers your facility the number one choice in protective gym floor covers.

#1 Choice in Protective Floor Covers

    • Greatest range of Gym Floor Covers to protect your gym floors
    • Best selection of standard colors (custom colors available)
    • Utilizing the knife spread coating process, Ultima Series Gym Floor Covers are the highest quality available in the market.
    • Our industry standard Master Series Floor covers are among the most popular protection options
    • Most durable covers available
    • High core fabric tenacity will provide resistance to tearing and abuse
    • All of our Gym Floor Covers are fire retardant
    • Safest handling systems available

Distinctly Superior Gym Floor Covers


    • Industry’s best, versatile and most durable
    • Exclusive decorative pattern
    • Designed for high frequency use
    • Can be used either side up
    • In single or dual color combinations

Distinctly Superior Gym Floor Covers


    • Industry leading 3-ply covers
    • Manufactured with an even PVC coating on both sides
    • Designed with a reinforced polyester core

Distinctly Superior Gym Floor Covers


    • Formal appearance
    • Easy alignment
    • Quick installation
    • Reduced storage requirements
    • Excellent sound absorption

Master Series Premium Covermate™

Gym Floor Cover Handling Made EASIER & SAFER, on a BUDGET

    • Roller brackets delrin roller bearings
    • Hand cranks – plastic for easy handling
    • Safest handling system available

Ultima Series Covermate™

Gym Floor Cover Handling Made EASIER & SAFER

Fits through standard door
Extendable safety outriggers
Powder coated tubular frame
Casters non-marking, high load capacity

Need more information on the gym floor covers we install and the services we offer? View our GALLERY or CONTACT US with your questions. We offer inspections, general repairs, preventative maintenance inspections and visual safety inspectiosn as a part of our services.