Indoor Only Portable Turf

Get the traction you need for any sport. The FLEXI-Connect® built-in connection system ensures the turf will not separate between seams for a ‘No Slip-Just Grip’ surface.

Product Features

    • Ideal surface for off-season or days when the weather restricts your ability to conduct a full speed practice. Offers an optional training space for Special teams.
    • Easy to roll-out and roll-up with FLEXI-Roll® backing. An average of 50′ x 75′ floor can be installed in just 30-minutes. Stores easily in an up-right position.
    • Turns indoor gymnasiums into indoor practice fields in minutes.

Meets FIFA Standard

    • Comes in 5′ wide x 50′ sections and 5′ x 25′ sections
    • Stores in upright position for easy storage and takes up less space
    • Ceiling suspended mechanical storage options available similar to wrestling mat hoist