Safety Straps

Installation / Replacement

As a company that installs, maintains and services all types of athletic equipment, we know how important safety is to every sport and event, along with all of the people involved as well. We also know that when your home team is a part of the state basketball championships, safety may not be the first thing on the team’s mind. It doesn’t have to be when you have Borgman Athletics install safety straps for basketball backstops. To make sports happen safely, having Borgman Athletics install and maintain safety straps for your facility is the smart choice.

When you’re in a gymnasium for a basketball game, there can be countless people there: the team, cheerleaders, spectators, even the pep band, and besides wanting your team to do well, making sure that everyone is safe while enjoying the game is a top priority of Borgman. Some basketball backstops can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and are typically suspended about 20 or 30 feet above the court floor. Having basketball backstops secured with working safety straps not only prevents injuries from happening to people, but they can also prevent roof damage, floor damage, equipment damage and bleacher damage.

Safety straps are a critically important safety accessory. To ensure that your safety straps are installed and maintained properly, you need them serviced by Borgman Athletics. We want your sports to happen, and that can’t be done without proper maintenance. On top of inspections and general maintenance, our crew at Borgman can provide you with the following: inspect an existing safety strap for any wear, perform a pull test on the unit, inspect and tighten bolts, check all moving parts for wear and lubricate moving parts. With a combined experience of 80 years, we make service and safety our top priorities. All of our employees are OSHA 30 certified or carry OSHA 10 cards and our employees always leave the work site clean with a job well done.

No matter what the sporting (or non-sporting) event is, a gymnasium hosts countless people throughout the year. To warrant that spectators and athletes alike are safe during the event, safety straps installed and maintained by Borgman Athletics is the answer. If you’d like to know more about the safety straps we have serviced, browse our basketball backstop gallery or contact us for more details. As always, we offer inspections, general repairs, preventative safety measures and visual safety inspections as a part of our services.