Fitness Equipment

Helping You Stay In Shape

Though it doesn’t fit a particular sport, fitness equipment is just as significant to sports as the actual game is. Many athletes train throughout the season to keep in shape. Without athletes, a sporting event may be a little boring, right? Many, many more people work out using fitness equipment just to stay in shape – not necessarily to compete in sports. Using Borgman to work on your equipment makes fitness happen! As different sports are played at different points during the year, different fitness equipment can see a lot of wear and tear seasonally. That’s where Borgman Athletics comes in. AS you may have heard, we make sports happen, and fitness training is a crucial part of sports. So, when you team is in need of belt adjustments, recalibration, or a general diagnostic test, Borgman can help.

We make sure a safe work environment is at the top of our list in priorities – right behind making sure our clients receive quality work. The services we offer on fitness equipment include: installation, inspections, and maintenance, along with the previously stated services.

If you have any more questions about the services we offer, please CONTACT US. We ensure job sites are left clean every time. As always, we offer inspections, general repairs, preventative safety measures and visual safety inspections as a part of our services.