Best Types of Playground Equipment
Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Professionals have proven that time spent on the playground is time well spent.  Outdoor play time contributes to a child’s social skills, self-esteem, and overall development.  If you are looking to add or replace a playground, you’ll find a wealth of options to choose from.  How do you decide?  There are two main factors to consider:


The age of the children that will be utilizing the playground will have a big impact on your selection.  If you’re planning for children under the age of six, it’s good to know that they can struggle with rope swings, trampolines, and equipment that requires a lot of hand-eye coordination.  Opt for a tire swing or interactive panels instead. 

Older children will do better on a different playground with features geared to their age, like rung ladders and sliding poles.  This also reduces the risk of smaller children having accidental encounters with older children. 


As you review various playground structures available, you’ll need to know how much space you have available.  You’ll want to account for the size of the equipment itself, the surrounding space, and the distance from the play area to any potential hazards.  The space surrounding the equipment should be an extension of the playground, with fall absorbing surfacing and plenty of room for children to engage.  In addition, you’ll want to ensure your playground doesn’t place children in a potentially dangerous situation.  The playground should be installed far away from lakes, railroads, and busy streets and separated with fencing or other barriers if at all possible. 

We hope we’ve shed some light on your next playground purchase. If you are ready to install a playground or have questions about your options, give us a call.  Our team is here to help 

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