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It’s not only spectators that may need protection from rogue sports equipment — or participants! — gymnasium walls may need some protection as well. Wall pads are made to stand up to rigorous gym use, without leaving any marks on the wall (or the players). To have wall pads that will withstand sports, it all starts with Borgman Athletics.

Basketball isn’t the only sport that may require wall pads. Wrestling and gymnastics, or even rehabilitation centers, all can put wall pads to good use. The structure that these pads cover is important to the building. But padding athletes is what wall pads do just as well!

With gymnasiums, wrestling rooms, gymnastic areas or rehabilitation rooms all possibly in need of wall pads, it can be difficult to know exactly what is needed. Different events may call for different heights as well as thickness in a wall pad. As Borgman has installed wall pads in high school and college gymnasiums, but also YMCAs, churches and rec centers, we are knowledgeable in identifying what can work best for you. When you’re in need of a wall pad, Borgman has the background.

The services we provide with wall pads include: installation, inspection and maintenance. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with quality work that exceeds all safety requirements, as well as their expectations. We can assure you that all work sites are left clean and the completed work fulfills OSHA safety requirements.

If you want to know more about the wall pads we have installed feel free to CONTACT US with questions. Browse our GALLERY for wall pads we have previously installed and maintained. As always, we offer inspections, general repairs, preventative safety measures and visual safety inspections as a part of our services.

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