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Borgman Athletics

Gym Equipment & Bleacher Inspections 

Safety Inspections

Our belief is preventative action and preventative maintenance create a safe environment. Inspections assure preventative action and are required by many insurance companies. Let us provide proof of maintenance for your liability purposes. We offer two types of inspections. Both types are thorough and completed by a trained, qualified, and experienced representative.

General Repairs

Any need - we can handle it! We work on any brand of product.

  • Parts replaced
  • Equipment repaired
  • Bleachers updated for code requirements
  • Prompt response and flexible hours to meet your gym's schedule

Preventative Maintenance Safety Inspections

Your safety is our priority!

Preventative maintenance assures safe operation of your equipment.

  • Three-in-One: Equipment inspection, equipment maintenance, equipment repair (if needed) all provided at one time by an experience field crew
  • All inspections are hands-on
  • Every bolt is tightened
  • Feel for wear on every pulley, cable and wheel
  • Lubricate, align, adjust where necessary
Our inspections assist you in complying with insurance companies' regulations to ensure equipment is in proper working condition. Our inspections also give your school proof of maintenance for liability purposes. You will be provided with a Certificate of Completion and Service Review Form following inspection.

Visual Safety Inspection

Our Visual Safety Inspection is performed by a qualified crew member. Each piece of equipment will be visually inspected and you will be provided with a detailed list of your equipment status as well as safety concerns that need addressed.

Safety & Accessories

Not only do we strive for workmanship that exceeds safety requirements, we want to provide you with options and accessories to make your athletic environment as safe as possible.

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