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  EZ-Sharpshooter 96 Portable Backstop

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Draper’s EZ-Sharpshooter 96 is our portable backstop designed to succeed at high levels of competition. EZ-Sharpshooter 96 is an affordable choice for facilities looking for premium competition court and side court systems. Low maintenance extension spring technology design makes one-person setup and height adjustment easy and fast. Backstop features 96" extension from padded front to face of the backboard, official sized glass backboard, 180° breakaway goal, bolt on edge padding and rear anchoring system to meet NFHS and NCAA rule requirements.
  • 96" (244cm) of safe play area with goal at 10’ (305cm) playing height.
  • Has 96" (244cm) of safe play area with goal at 10' (305cm) playing height.
  • Features rear anchor kit and added structural members, ballast and horizontal beam padding to allow high school or college competition play.
  • Front stabilizers lock in place for maximum play stability.
  • Has a full size 72" x 42", (183cm x 107cm) 1/2" (13mm) tempered glass backboard and 180 ̊ breakaway goal
  • Front and sides padded with 2" thick polyurethane foam wrapped in choice of 12 colors of vinyl.
  • Bolt-On Edge padding color matches base pad color.
  • Goal height is adjustable from 7' (213cm) to 10' (305cm) in 6" (152mm) increments for players of all ages.
  • Comes complete with all necessary ballast installed and hidden from sight
  • Rolls easily on six 8" (152 mm) diameter, non-marking, non-skid casters

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