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Volleyball, the Game for All
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Friday, November 16, 2018

William G. Morgan envisioned this game in the YMCA gymnasium in early 1895. Volleyball has been designed to be all-inclusive fun activity which also challenges the person to be physically active. People of all ages and physical capabilities can enjoy the game and at the same time, get physical exercise.

The game gained popularity quickly in the United States and soon, all around the world. This was due to its simplicity, and also because it being a lot of fun and engaging. This versatile game can be played indoors or outside, on the beach or in a park.

This game has become extremely popular in schools and is also part of the international Olympics. Several variations of the game have also appeared, with the game also being played in a pool or with a foot instead of hands.

How Volleyball Is Played

The main goal of the game is to keep the ball in the air and not let it touch the ground on your side of the court. Points are given when the ball touches the ground on the opposing team’s side of the court. The two teams are divided with a net in the middle.

The court is usually 9x9 square meters in area, on each side of the court. When the ball is in your court, your team can hit the ball a maximum of three times, and aim the ball in the opposition’s court to score a point. If the ball hits outside the boundary of the opposition’s court, they get the point. The players are not allowed to carry the ball and a single player can not hit the ball twice consecutively. There are few more technical guidelines and rules on how the game is played that vary depending on the league and where the game is played.

When playing volleyball at a party for fun, the rules are a lot more relaxed but the basic rules mentioned above are usually followed. Beach Volleyball is particularly popular during summers. Volleyball is a great game that promotes social interaction.

Health Benefits of Volleyball

Like any active sport, volleyball offers tremendous health benefits, some of which are listed below:
  • It can be a great way to stay in shape and tone your body as this engaging game requires players to jog and jump around, burning a lot of calories.
  • Volleyball also improves the person’s agility and speed by encouraging the person to quickly respond when the ball is approaching their side of the court. This fast paced game is a sure way to improve reflexes and agility.
  • Hand-eye coordination is also greatly challenged and improved in this interesting, fun-packed game.
  • Volleyball exercises your heart and all the other muscles of your body.
  • Volleyball also improves your social skills and teamwork. The game can be fun to play in your school as a serious sport or with your friends at a beach party or picnic.

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